Certified Lighting Control Acceptance Test Contractors

Certified Lighting Control Acceptance Test Contractors

The 2013 CA energy code (BEES) has made it mandatory that all newly installed lighting control systems should undergo Lighting Acceptance Testing by a California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program Certified Acceptance Technician (CALCTP-AT or CLCATT). The California Energy Commission strives to preserve indoor and outdoor environmental quality as well as create energy efficiency through the California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. California's 2013 Title 24 standards mandates that each installed lighting control system should be certified before occupancy permits are being issued.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Madison Electric is your partner for Title 24 Advanced Lighting Controls Acceptance Testing. Our Acceptance Testing is part of a multi-stage compliance program and all tests are conducted by certified Lighting Control Acceptance Test contractors to ensure that the Title 24 installation requirements are met and the installed lighting systems operate to their full potential.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have multiple CALCTP-ATs on staff that are specialized to carry out these jobs and are up-to-date on all current requirements.
  • Our technicians are experienced in performing Acceptance Tests, resulting in more efficient results.
  • The Test Technicians we employ have expertise in advanced lighting controls and have undergone theoretical as well as hands-on training.
  • Our team keeps you informed and works with you throughout the construction process to meet all the Title 24 requirements.

Our residential and commercial electrical services not only reduce your energy cost but also gives you peace of mind. Give Madison Electric a call today! You will not regret the decision.